Full Name
Drisana McDaniel
Job Title
Race Equity and Justice Facilitator
Company or Organization
Keecha Harris and Associates Inc.
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Drisana McDaniel is the Race Equity and Justice Facilitator for Keecha Harris & Associates. In her role, she educates, and initiates tailored training to support organizational change around racial equity. She creates transformational curriculum, facilitates processes to develop organizational and individual intercultural competence, and provides tools and solutions for empowered engagement.

Her body of work addresses social injustice, racialized dimensions of trauma, resilience, and capacity-building. Through her practice, Drisana attends to the nitty-gritty of individual and collective experiences, and she envisions transformational justice as the fruit of contemplation and action. For the last seven years, Drisana has been active as a co-founding coworker with the Transformative Teaching Collective Cooperative, where she provides support for groups with gatherings that focus on social justice education, empathy, the practice of non-violence, healing and collaboration. She has a passion for curating events to facilitate radical interconnectedness and is most hopeful about what can happen when we explore our connection to each other and realize healing together.

Drisana graduated from the College of Charleston, where she studied Women and Gender Studies, and Sociology. She is a graduate student at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is studying Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice.

Drisana lives with her two daughters in Summerville, South Carolina. She has an adult son who lives in Atlanta.
Drisana McDaniel