Full Name
Kate Zabriskie
Company or Organization
Business Training Works
Speaker Bio
Kate Zabriskie is a high-energy learning and development industry veteran with a passion for finding innovative answers to clients’ needs.
She’s a quick study with a knack for building trust, getting to the heart of an issue, and crafting viable solutions.
Kate has consulted with organizations large and small to define their corporate cultures; articulate their missions, visions, and values; and align their employees’ performance with strategic goals and objectives.
In addition to her strategic work, she’s a dynamic classroom trainer and skilled at developing one-of-a-kind interactive activities and participant-focused training programs.

Some of Kate’s clients include Toyota, Astra Zeneca, The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders, Georgetown University, the United States Coast Guard, the Bank of Kuwait, City of Hope, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Sodexo, Yum Brands, and Microsoft.

Professional Background:
Kate’s diverse background is the foundation for her work and a key to Business Training Works’ success.
After college, she began her career as a trade show exhibits manager for a national defense association. There, she learned booth sales, program management, and event-planning skills.
She then moved to association and trade journal advertising sales. In that role, she became adept at quickly learning a range of industries: automotive aftermarket, petroleum, cosmetics and chemicals, and adult education.
After returning to school completing her MBA, she then joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). As a staff consultant, she worked on projects in the pharmaceutical and banking industries.
Her undergraduate degree in art history coupled with her graduate education then caught the attention of The Franklin Mint, and they hired her as a manager in artist relations. In that position, her responsibilities included art sourcing, art licensing, client entertaining, and contract negotiation.
Eventually, oversight of the artist relations department, the company’s video-licensing function, and the corporate museum came under her direction. Toward the end of her tenure with that organization, she also worked on a range of employee engagement and human resources projects.
Eager to start a new chapter and confident in her teaching and presentation skills, Kate approached several public seminar companies and colleges about conducting training seminars on negotiation, management skills, sales, and communication. All hired her.
While on the seminar circuit, Kate quickly became known for her engaging, high-energy style, flexible approach, ability to handle the unexpected, and talent for making learning fun.
Soon comfortable in the business and convinced she could make it on her own, Kate leveraged her experience and desire to help others succeed and formed Business Training Works.
Shortly thereafter, the phone rang, and it hasn’t stopped since.
Under Kate’s direction, the company has evolved from its inception as a one-person shop to a network of skilled facilitators, coaches, speakers, and consultants.
Kate Zabriskie