Full Name
Nicholas Pilkington
Job Title
Chief Technical Officer
Speaker Bio
Nicholas Pilkington is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of DroneDeploy, the leading software platform for commercial drones. DroneDeploy’s software is used by 5,000+ customers in 180+ countries, performing 1M+ flights/year. The company focuses on large enterprise use-cases, operating fleets of up to 500 drones, across some of the world’s biggest companies, in energy, construction and agriculture. Nicholas leads technical strategy at DroneDeploy and is responsible for innovation and research leadership.

He completed his Ph.D. in machine at the University of Cambridge. He also holds a Master of philosophy l in NLP and signal processing and Bachelor of Science in computer science, applied math and information systems.

He also coaches the South African international programming Olympiad team.
Nicholas Pilkington