Full Name
Lisa Graham
Speaker Bio
Lisa Goldstein Graham, Ph.D.

Lisa is a Jewish vegetarian married to a carnivore of Southern Baptist heritage. (She passionately believes that diversity is the spice of life.) Ten years ago, she and her husband ran a social group for couples who were "childless by choice." These days, she spends most of her free time with their two daughters. (She's really glad they changed their minds about having kids . . . most of the time. :)

She's fascinated by each person's story and can count on her husband to plead, "please don't start conversations with random people today" as they enter any situation that involves standing in line, sitting at tightly packed restaurant tables, waiting for a movie to start, standing in an elevator, etc. She is a continuous learning junkie with books overflowing from every shelf in the house and yet-to-read sections of the NYT scattered throughout. She has started countless Coursera courses (and has even finished a few). Her email box overflows with interesting newsletters, and she is almost always participating in a personal and/or professional growth program. (Right now, it's Tiago Forte’s Build a Second Brain program, the Institute of Coaching’s continuous education programming, and Khe Hy’s Annual Review. She highly recommends all three.)

If Lisa wasn't an organizational psychologist (a job she loves), she would be a professional makeup artist. Or maybe a children's librarian. The common thread connecting these three career paths is the desire to help others manifest the very best versions of themselves, recognizing and capitalizing on what makes them unique. She is a huge fan of parenthetical asides. (Obviously.)
Lisa Graham