Full Name
Julie McDonald
Speaker Bio
Julie McDonald, Ph.D.

She is a no-nonsense Southern Mom of two who likes to table-scape, create miniature fairy gardens, and who trained her kids to make HER bed every day from the age of 5 until they went to college. She can be spotted around Birmingham speed walking faster than most people can jog or singing and dancing in the aisles at the grocery store to some sweet 80's grooves (practicing her moves for her next career as a backup dancer for J.Lo., of course). Quirks include: drinking coffee in the shower to wake up in the morning before she works out, cutting all the itchy tags out of her clothes, and having lip balm within reach at all times. She has seen every episode of Below Deck and is not at all ashamed to admit it. If she were a Schuyler sister, she would most definitely be Eliza (her business partner and soul-sister, Lisa Graham, would most definitely be Angelica from #hamilton).

Julie looks at life as a continuous learning opportunity and sees every interaction, every experience, every moment as a chance to learn something new or make something better. Her clients describe her as wise, warm, empathetic, insightful, and action-oriented
Julie McDonald