As a trusted partner contributing to the success of the state of Alabama, we would like to formally invite you and those you serve in your organization to the Alabama Experience, better known as ALEX!

What is ALEX?

ALEX aims to enhance Alabama's workforce by allowing participants the chance to learn more about the outstanding educational, career, job and lifestyle opportunities Alabama has to offer.  It is designed to entertain, inform and activate all current, potential and future Alabama workers.  ALEX will be premiering at The World Games on July 7, 2022 from 1:00-8:00 PM each day.

ALEX & Technology

ALEX will grab participants attention by using interactive technology to lead them through a process that will provide information about potential opportunities in the fields of advanced manufacturing, IT and health sciences.

Attendees will receive the "wow" factor through cutting-edge technology and real-time motion capture simulations as they compete with a robot in Korfball.  This sets the stage for many other surprising aspects you might not expect from Alabama!

Alabama in 30

Once drawn in by the robot and motion picture capture display, participants will be led through a personally tailored interactive experience featuring video and touch screen kiosks.  Participants will also receive content based on their field of interest, salaries, available career opportunities, geographic locations with cost-of-living details, educational requirements and opportunities.  All of this content will be covered in only 30 minutes!

For questions regarding the registration site, please contact

Wesley Mitchell

(205) 257-1576

Click to email Wesley