Grab breakfast or brunch and join the T&PS IAT as we discuss Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and CRAYONS.  Yes, CRAYONS!

Appreciating diversity is valuing what makes us similar as well as different.  The poem below talks about learning to live together and appreciating the unique qualities and perspectives of others.  This poem can be adapted to discuss all areas, such as gender, age, physical abilities, intelligence levels, racial/ethnic backgrounds, economic status, beliefs, family structures, places of residence, and so forth.  We encourage participants to look around and take note of all the things that make them who they are. 

We request you ask yourself these questions prior to the event:

  • How are people similar to a box of crayons?
  • Have you met people who have distinct names or talk differently than you do?  How do you react when you first met them?  How did they react to you?
  • Do the ways people look indicate their level of intelligence?
  • How can people with varying traditions, beliefs, and values learn to live together in the same community?  What would you expect to be the positive and negative aspects about that type of situation?
  • What if everyone in the world was exactly the same?  If we all looked the same, talked the same, shared the same views, practices, and traditions, what kind of world would it be?  Do you think this would be a place you'd want to live?  Why or why not?

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