10:00 AM
Welcome, Safety Briefing, Corporate Relations Highlight
Monique Carter
10:10 AM
State of Georgia Power
Bentina Terry
10:30 AM
DEI Moment and Supplier Sustainability and Inclusive Growth Highlight
Vickie Irwin-Avery
10:40 AM
Corporate Relations and Community Engagement
Charmaine Ward-Millner
10:50 AM
Strong Businesses, Strong Communities

Moderator – Monique Carter
Kristy Rachal
Charlie Moseley

11:10 AM
Membership Has it Rewards

Moderator – Tracie Ridley
Citizens Trust Bank – Adrienne White
OUT Georgia Business Alliance – Chris Lugo
GMSDC – Stacey Key
GWBC – Lissa Miller
GDOT – Kimberly King

11:55 AM
12:10 PM
Conversations with a CEO

Moderator – Charmaine Ward-Millner
Joy Rohadfox – CEO Rohadfox Construction Control Services

12:55 PM
Breaking Through the Glass

Moderator – Vickie Irwin-Avery
Georgia Power – Glenda Thomas
Cox Communications – Chelsea Slaughter
Delta Airlines, Inc. – Kimberly Coffman
AT&T – Angela Williams

1:40 PM
Wrap Up
Vickie Irwin-Avery and Charmaine Ward-Millner