Frequently asked question's:

Is there a cost to the employee to take these courses?

No. The courses are free of charge to employees to take.

Can covered employees participate in any of these courses?

No. At this time, covered employees are not eligible to participate in these courses. 

Can COOPS and Interns participate in any of these courses?

No. At this time, COOPS and Interns are not eligible to participate in these courses. 

Will the classes be recorded to watch later if we can't join live?

We will record as we are able, but most of our presenters have not given us permission to do so. Please do not sign up for a course if you can't attend, with the intent of watching the recording later. We want to reserve the seats in each course for those that can attend live. 

Are these courses set up to count for professional development continuing education credits?

We have not set these courses up to count for continuing education credits requited by professional organizations. However, you are welcome to contact your individual organization to determine if the course could count based on the course description.  

Are we limited to the sessions we can take?

To allow all employees opportunities to register for courses, we are capping the amount of courses any one employee can register to take at five. It is recommended that you talk with your supervisor about your development needs and prioritize which sessions would be most beneficial to you. 

What Happens if I can't attend the course I registered to take?

  • If you haven't yet received the link to attend the class, please log into the registration site to cancel your registration. We have waiting list for most of your courses and would like to allow someone else the opportunity to take one of the seats in the session.
  • If you have already received the link to attend the class, you should contact the facilitator directly to let them know your schedule change.
  • If you do not contact the facilitator or cancel your registration at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled class time, you will be removed from any other classes you are registered to attend for 2021, and a notice of your absence may be sent to your supervisor.